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План-конспект урока английского языка по теме «Праздники англоязычных стран» в 5-м классе

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Содержание этапа






Good morning, my dear friends! Your classroom looks great ready for X-mas. You look great too and hope you are ready to work. Are you ready to work? Let`s start our lesson.

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Актуализация и целеполагание

  1. Фонетическая зарядка

Look at the blackboard, read after me and pay attention to the pronunciation.

«Праздники англоязычных стран»

Now name the first letters of these words, what have you got? -HOLIDAYS

So, holidays are coming, we feel it everywhere and continue to speak about them. What are your associations with holidays? (presents/family dinner/ music/fun)

Every holiday has its own associations and symbols. Let`s revise them.

What holiday do these pictures symbolize?

  1. Интерактивный прием «Да\Нет»

Now stand in a row. I shall name holidays, if you celebrate it – make a step to the right, if not – make a step to the left,

(Kalyady, Boxing Day, St. Patrick`s Day, Kupalle, Memorial Day, Easter, Thanksgiving Day)

So, you see we don`t know some of these holidays, why? Yes, they are not ours, they are celebrated in the English-speaking countries. What do you want to learn

about them?

What? / When/Where/How? записываю вопросы на доске

Do you know what holiday is the most popular one? It is so because this holiday is full of surprises. And this is the first, look at the screen (FLASH)

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Операционно-познавательный этап

Отработка лексических единиц и речевых моделей в устной речи

Работа с интерактивной доской.

1) «What? Where? When

2) « Spiral»
3) « Four Corners»


Отработка лексики и речевых моделей

Просмотровое чтение

Cов-е навыков просмотр.чтения

5) Интерактивное речевое задание «Меrry-go-round»

6) «Guess the Holiday»

Восприятие иноязычной речи на слух

Развитие речевых умений

Here are the most popular British holidays, Try to insert the missed letters, now lets check. What are the symbols of these holidays?

So, let`s speak about the countries where these holidays are celebrated.

Take your pupils` sheets, ex. 1 - divide these holidays into two groups: British holidays and American holidays. Who has finished? Go to the board, please. Change your cards. Let`s check. O`k, let`s continue.

ex. 2 Before we start speaking about the dates of these holidays lets revise the prepositions of time, look at your card, use the right preposition. You have 1 minute

Let`s check. O`K And one more task for you

ex. 3 Match the holiday and the date. Are you ready? Let`s check. Great, you are right.

When is this holiday celebrated? What season is it? Go to the card with this season.


Now one more surprise. Look at the screen, let`s dance with pinguins.

Let`s continue.

Your holiday is … What do you know about it? Take these texts and read some more information, find the necessary information and complete the table (ex.4), be ready to share this information with your classmates. .

Now stand up? Take you cards. Let`s play «Меrry-go-round». Share the information and answer your friends` question. Your task is to complete the table, you have 3 minutes.

Have you finished?

The next part of our lesson is listening. I shall describe different holidays, you must guess what holiday it is, if you know , raise your hand.

1) It is a religious holiday when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. People go from house to house to sing Christmas carols.

2) On this day people go to the church, People eat eggs and hot cross buns.

3) It is a funny and scared tradition. Children play tricks and lit bonfires.

4) This American holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. It is connected with American history

5) People buy a tree and decorate it with toys, colored balls and lights. Children wake up early to find stockings full of small presents from Santa Clause.

Yes, you are right, tell us about this holiday Use the plan at the board.

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Контрольно-оценочный этап
«Filling gaps»

Объяснение дом.задания

Подведение итогов урока

Thanks a lot. Our lesson is almost over? Let`s check how attentive you were. Do ex. 4, fill in the gaps, you have 3 minutes. Let`s check.

So, if you have problems with point1, your hometask will be connected with X-mas, study this information and be ready to discuss this topic.

If you have problems with point 2, your hometask will be connected with Mother`s Day. ……………………….

If you have no gaps, your job is excellent and at home I`d like you to make your own holiday and tell us about it.

Look at your pupils` sheet, what is your mark in your opinion? (оцениваю, карточки)

What tasks today were difficult for you? What have you learnt?

Our lesson is over. Thank you for your work .

And the last surprise for you

Thank you for the lesson, you may be free.
And one more task, work in pairs, your have 7 words with scrambled letters, guess them. So, number one ….

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