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Административная контрольная работа по английскому языку для 9 класса

Часть А

Прочитайте текст и выберите вариант ответа, соответствующий содержанию прочитанного текста. Укажите выбранный вариант в бланке ответов.

I. Paul McCartney is one of the greatest stars of the twentieth century. Paul comes from an ordinary family, but he is now the third richest man in Europe. His musical career has lasted for nearly forty years and today he is one of the world’s most famous musicians.

II. He was born in Liverpool, England, on 18th June 1942. He started to play the guitar seriously when he was 14. When he was 15 he met and formed a band with another boy from Liverpool, John Lennon. This was perhaps the most important point in his life. Formed around the nucleus of Lennon and McCartney, who first performed together in Liverpool in 1957, the group named the Beatles grew out of a shared enthusiasm for American rock and roll.

III. Both Lennon, a guitarist and a singer, and McCartney, a bassist and a singer, were largely self-taught as musicians. Precocious composers, they gathered around themselves a changing cast of accompanists. The Beatles soon rose to fame in England by producing recording of original tunes and also by playing classic American rock and roll. After their appearances on British television, British newspapermen coined a new word – Beatlemania. For the next ten years the group was the symbol of youth movement.

IV. In 1972, after the Beatles had stopped performing together, Paul McCartney formed a new band, Wings, but it was never as successful as the Beatles and it broke up after seven years. Through the 1980s McCartney worked on his own. In recent years Paul has written classical music and has worked on films. He also opened a stage school in Liverpool. In 1969 he met and married Linda Eastman, an American-born photographer, who also became a famous personality. They had children and a happy life together for many years, but Linda died in April 1998. McCartney’s daughter Stella who graduated from College of Art and Design in London in 1995 rose quickly to the forefront of the international fashion world.

V. All the members of the Beatles remained famous after the band broke up, but only Paul managed his musical talent in so many different ways. He is still writing both pop music and classical music. Paul McCartney is not only one of the best songwriters and musicians that Britain has known, but he is also a personality that no rock fan will ever forget.

A1. Paul McCartney is one of the top British celebrities because

1) he is a multimillionaire.

2) he is one of the Beatles.

3) he is an outstanding composer.

A2. Being a self-taught as musician, McCartney

1) knew little about music composition.

2) relied in his own intuition and talent.

3) imitated the works of other composers.

A3. The word Beatlemania denotes

1) a specific type of music.

2) the attitude of millions of fans.

3) a behaviour not typical of youth.

A4. The Beatles became idols for generations because

1) they were young people themselves.

2) their behaviour challenged the established norms.

3) they played a kind of music never played before.

A5. McCartney commands respect due to his

1) charismatic personality.

2) charitable social work.

3) contribution to pop music.

Выберите правильный вариант перевода в соответствии с содержанием текста. Укажите выбранный вариант в бланке ответов.

A6. This was perhaps the most important point in his life. (II)

1) Это, вероятно, был самый важный пункт его биографии.

2) Возможно, это был поворотный пункт в его жизни.

3) Возможно, это было важнейшим событием в его жизни.

A7. Precocious composers, they gathered around themselves a changing cast of accompanists. (III)

1) Будучи композиторами, талантливыми от природы, они собрали вокруг себя сменный состав аккомпаниаторов.

2) У обоих было природное музыкальное дарование, и они собирали вокруг себя постоянно меняющийся состав исполнителей.

3) Одаренные композиторы, они собирали вокруг себя изменчивую группу аккомпаниаторов.

A8. Through the 1980s McCartney worked on his own. (IV)

1) В течение 1980-х гг. Маккартни работал на самого себя.

2) В 1980-ые гг. Маккартни работал над своими собственными проектами.

3) В 1980-ые гг. Маккартни работал самостоятельно.

Выберите один из функциональных синонимов, подходящих по смыслу. Укажите выбранный вариант в бланке ответов.

A9. She felt so tired and … that she wanted to cry.

1) alone

2) lonely

A10. When Juliet died her … Romeo died too.

1) favourite

2) beloved

A11. He wanted to be … with her, to defend her against the world.

1) alone

2) lonely

A12. My cat’s … place is a big armchair near the window.

1) favourite

2) beloved

A13. Isaac Newton was a … scientist who discovered the law of gravitation.

1) well-known

2) distinguished

A14. This murder is … for his terrible murders.

1) famous

2) notorious

A15. It’s one of the best ballets; it owes its success to the wonderful … of its dancers.

  1. performance

  2. acting

A16. I know that he is double-faced, he is always playing a double … .

1) game

2) play

Часть В

Прочитайте приведенный ниже текст. Преобразуйте, если необходимо, слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами в конце строк, так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста. Получившееся слово внесите в бланк ответов.

School Then and Now

Parents and teachers are always making


__________________ between the time


when they were children and the present


They say everything was better than it is


today, especially in ____________.


For example, they say they used to work


much _______________ in school, and


that nowadays, we aren’t very interested.


I ________________, because we spend


hours every day doing homework after

our lessons or revising for examinations. I

wonder if our parents really had to study so

much after school every day.


In me opinion, it is no _________________


to say we have forgotten how to play.


I think one reason why kids ___________ in


class is because they need to get rid of stress.


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